Medicaid Guidebook

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Medicaid Guidebook

$400.00 $350.00

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goldOrder the 2016 Medicaid Guidebook (Third Edition)

Buy the book and get the free 2017 updated Desk Reference


2016 Medicaid Guidebook (Third Edition)

Buy the book and get the free 2017 updated Desk Reference

As you may already know, long-term care Medicaid planning is one of the most important and overlooked topic by attorneys, financial planners, insurance agents, and CPAs.

There are millions of Americans who are in need advisors ready to handle their Medicaid planning today. The number of people who will need help preserving their assets from Medicaid spenddown is growing daily.

Unfortunately, because of the complexity of the Medicaid planning most advisors are not equipped to understand the detailed issues that go into planning for benefit eligibility, leaving their clients exposed to the high costs of the long-term care Mediciad spenddown. Many even unwittingly provide advice that causes their clients to lose eligiblity for benefits!

To help advisors of all kinds working with seniors, Mike Anthony, JD, CMP wrote the best and most comprehensive book ever written on Medicaid planning: The Medicaid Planning Guidebook.  Now in it’s Third Edition, there is no better guide to learning Medicaid Planning and no more extensive resource available in one place for advisors who plan in this field.  It is considered by everyone to be the must-have desk reference on ever Elder Law Attorney’s desk and in ever financial advisor’s bookshelf.

This book is comprehensive in what it covers but practically written so even a novice advisors can understand the subject matter.

Purchase this book today for $350 (an unbelievable price for such a book!).

If you are interested in learning this subject matter in an online format taught by the author himself, please click here to learn about our 17-hour online Medicaid Planning Course.

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We Also Offer The Medicaid Online Course

2016 Medicaid Course Today

Buy the book and get the free 2017 updated Desk Reference

The next best thing to in-person training is online training you can watch and listen to at your convenience. Some like it better because there's no travel involved and you can watch courses again and again until you learn the subject matter completely, or revisit topics as they become relevant in cases you're working on. The cost to view the online webinars is $350. The course instructor charges more than that for just an hour of his time. You get a full 17-hours of practical examples and valuable planning techniques from one of the nation's leading experts! To attend a course like this in-person would cost you thousands of dollars in travel time and expense, as well as course registration fees. To order this course so you can start learning the important long-term care Medicaid Planning subject matter, please click the buy button on this page.

Who can benefit from this training?

  medicaid-training-webinar-series The course is geared to support the learning of EVERYONE involved with the long-term care financing system. This includes: elder law attorneys, senior financial planners, geriatric care managers, social workers, nursing home administrators, certified public accountants, paralegals, and funeral home directors. Jump start your Medicaid Planning practice or learn how to give better advice to clients facing long-term care issues. Whatever your goal is, this course will take you through Medicaid Planning from a basic understanding of how Medicaid works and why it works the way it does through the entire planning and application/approval process. There is even practical tips for advocates on how to win fair hearings and overcome denials -- all from the master himself.

What will the training cover?

  The following are the titles of each webinar session. If you have any questions, please e-mail SESSION 1: Introduction to Medicaid Planning SESSION 2: Medicaid Program Overview SESSION 3: Medicaid Eligibility Planning SESSION 4: General Asset-Eligibility Rules SESSION 5: Community Spouse Asset Rules SESSION 6: Asset-Eligibility Strategies (PART I1) SESSION 7: Asset-Eligibility Strategies (PART II) SESSION 8: Divestments (Part I) SESSION 9: Divestments (Part II) SESSION 10: Trusts SESSION 11: Annuities and Promissory Notes (Part I) SESSION 12: Annuities and Promissory Notes (Part II) SESSION 13: Income Eligibility SESSION 14: Special Concerns for the Homestead and Family Farm SESSION 15: Applying for Medicaid SESSION 16: Post-Eligibility Issues, Advocacy Opportunities and Veteran’s Benefits SESSION 17: Estate Recovery