The Doctor’s Wealth Preservation Guide


The Doctor’s Wealth Preservation Guide


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BRAND NEW 8th Edition

This book was created as a practical guide to help physicians preserve and protect their wealth.



The Doctors Wealth Preservation Guide ©
The 8th Edition

This book was created as a practical guide to help physicians with the following topics.
Ironically, more advisors have purchased the book than physicians. I suppose that makes some sense since there are many advisors to physician and they have few places to turn to learn the very important topics in this book.

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—Asset Protection – Learn how to protect your personal and business assets from disgruntled patients, creditors and divorce through the use of domestic and offshore planning tools.
—Estate Planning – Learn how to avoid the most common estate planning mistakes that could cost your heirs $500,000 - $3,000,000 or more and learn how to avoid the 70-83% tax trap.
—Income Tax Reduction – Learn how to reduce your income taxes by $25,000 - $200,000 annually while avoiding the tax avoidance shams in the marketplace.
—Financial Planning – Learn how to protect the principal of your investments while still giving yourself the opportunity for upside growth if the stock market performs well.
—Office Management – Learn several practical and easy to implement solutions that will help you run a more efficient and financially sound medical practice.
What are people are saying about this book:
“The Doctor's Wealth Preservation Guide is the new physician’s financial bible. No physician should practice medicine without one.” Kathryn Serks from The American Academy of Physician and Surgeons.
“Roccy- A well--earned thanks for greatly simplifying my life with a much improved proper corporate structure.
A separate well-earned thanks for your expert yet understandable tax and asset protection planning. This will make a huge difference for my family.
And finally, I literally owe you my financial life, for helping me escape from Xelan.
Thank God I read your book.”
Tim Kriss